2012 Nissan Skyline 370GT Type SP

2012 Nissan Skyline 370GT Type SP 001

The 370GT provides a dynamic package powered by Nissan’s new 3.7L V6 VVEL engine with 245kW at the driver’s disposal. Acceleration isn’t the only attribute of the 370GT, braking through 355mm rotors and mono-block 4 pot front callipers (available standard on the Type S and Type SP) provides serious stopping power and 4 wheel steering adds to an overall package that handles extremely well.

2012 Nissan Skyline 370GT Type SP 002

The international press have acclaimed the 370GT / Infiniti G37 coupe. Journalists in the United States have compared the G37 coupe favourably with the BMW 335i Coupe. Motor Trend ‘The King is Dead’ put the G37 ahead of it’s German rival. Considering the price of the 370GT vs. the 335i here in Australia, the 370GT represents incredibly good value.

2012 Nissan Skyline 370GT Type SP 003

The interior is finished in black hand stitched leather with brushed aluminium console. Magnesium alloy paddle shifters are fitted behind the steering wheel on the Type S and Type SP automatic models. Heated seats with driver’s seating position memory are fitted to the Type P and Type SP models.

Car Specifications

Engine: 3.7L V6

Weight: 1,640 kg / 3,616 lbs

Power: 245 kW / 325 hp / 333 PS

0-100 kph: 5.7 seconds

Torque: 361 Nm / 266 lb-ft

Top Speed: 279 kph / 173 mph

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