1995 Honda NSX-T

1995 Honda NSX-T 001

In 1995, the NSX-T with a targa top roof was released in Japan as a special order option. In North America, in March 1995 , the NSX-T replaced the standard coupe entirely as the only version available, with the notable exceptions of the Zanardi Edition NSX in 1999 and a handful of special ordered post-1997/pre-2002 3.2 litre coupes. The removable roof reduced the chassis rigidity of the NSX and added about 100 pounds (45 kg) of structural reinforcements.

1995 Honda NSX-T 002

In addition to this major change, all subsequent NSX-Ts (1995-2001) had smaller-diameter front sway bars, slightly stiffer front spring rates, and softer dampers to improve ride comfort and tire wear while reducing the sudden-oversteer problems that plagues most mid-engined vehicles, resulting in somewhat reduced handling performance. All roofs were now body-coloured instead of black, although in Japan, the two-tone black roof/body colour was still available as an optional feature. Finally, available with the manual transmission version NSX was electric power steering, previously found exclusively in the automatic version.

1995 Honda NSX-T 003

Car Specifications

Engine: 3.0L Inline 6

Weight: 1,354 kg / 2,985 lbs

Power: 201 kW / 270 hp / 273 PS

0-100 kph: 5.6 seconds

Torque: 284 Nm / 209 lb-ft

Top Speed: 270 kph / 167 mph

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